“Do not let music happen to you; instead, happen to it.

“Remember that God created you to be in charge of creation. Be in charge when you listen to music. Otherwise you will cease to truly make music even though it is happening all around you. And you can mistakenly think that all this musical happening – this wrap-around musical environment – is the true one.

“It is not.”

Harold M. Best, Music Through The Eyes Of Faith.


  1. Lance Burch

    Does this mean to never get caught up in the experience of music? To never lose oneself in the artistry and the magic created by the sound and rhythm and lyric? If it does… then I would have to mildly disagree.

    Getting carried away with music, or film, or a painting, poem or even a building inevitably brings one around to a deep admiration of the creator of that thing.

    I think I will have to read Harold in context to see what he is driving at here.

  2. toddwright

    This quote comes at the end of a section about being “engaged” with music rather than be passive and hoping that it will somehow take the lead.

    In essence, to look for the Creator rather than just wait around for Him.

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