You know what’s up – Friday are my chance to rant, theorize and just type like crazy without much forethought or analysis. I don’t guarantee that the things put forth in this blog post are based on flawless reasoning or that the stuff I say is true to every one. But I can guarantee that it’s honest – and isn’t that worth celebrating? (Yes. You’re supposed to say, “Yes.”)

Good or bad, that’s what it is.

Todd keeps it real, you know?

After leading worship, nothing feels better than your spouse telling you did a good job. That encouragement means more than you think. One thing I wish I could tell every couple in full-time ministry? Compliment each other all the time. Kristen does a great job of this. Her compliments come at just the right time!

Every minister has a weekly crash where the exhaustion of ministry finally catches up to him or her. For a lot of us, that crash happens on Monday. If your worship leader looks a little out of it on Monday, let it pass. The crash is God’s way of making worship leaders rest.

I say this all the time, but I am so thankful for the ministers I work with at Bethel. It is quite honestly the most spiritually healthy pastoral staff I’ve ever known. I’m honored.

It frustrates me that “worship labels” don’t release very many records that be used in the local church any more. They’re good records, very creative, but I believe that record labels have separated themselves from providing resources for the church. (Intentionally or not.)

Every singer, musician, technician in the local church should be required to attend a one-day workshop called “Be Normal.” As an extension, there would also be a breakout session on “Be Nice.”

Saw a cool worship leader wearing a hat on stage. The whole first song, he kept making sure it was still on his head. Church-world has changed, people.

If you walk in late to church, the worship leader can see you. Why not give him or her a wave?

We put new lights up in the sanctuary this week. They’re hot on stage, but they do give me a rosy glow.

Staff meetings at restaurants are my favorite.



  1. Liz Reeves

    Oh dude…….I’m totally going to wave at you guys on stage the next time we walk in late. You said it, so now I am gonna have to! I’m all about the crazy dares. ha ha!

    And yes, those lights are BRIGHT! I was there Wed night doing childcare & thought “Whoa……someone must’ve set fire to something in the sanctuary!” and then I realized it was just the new lights.

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