Fridays are my chance to rant, theorize and just type like crazy without much forethought. I don’t guarantee that the things in this post are right. But I do promise they’re honest.

1. I’ve been scouring the internet for worship-related podcasts that offer resourcing, training, reviews, links, etc. I have been surprised to find that there aren’t that many. And the ones I have found? Not that great.

2. Somebody gave me a guitar on Sunday. A nice one. I need to do a vlog about it so everybody can see, but all my Flip cams died this week. On Halloween, gang. Creepy.

3. I’ve never been that much of a Coldplay fan, but the Mylo Xyloto just may remedy that.

4. Co-wrote a song this week and I loved it. I never want to write alone again. It’s just too much fun to write with other folks.

5. I am SO behind on my read-the-Bible-in-a-year plan.

6. Got half of all our OneWord podcast episodes tracked, edited and uploaded this week. Now to start planning Christmas music!

7. If I don’t get my expense receipts turned in soon, our financial secretary is going to slash my tires or something. I need an assistant whose only job is to keep up with my receipts and make sure they get turned in.

8. When I was a kid, I never could understand how my father could want nothing for Christmas. It blew my mind. Now at 35-years old, I understand perfectly.

9. We’re bringing Andrew Peterson’s Behold The Lamb Of God to Tyler in December. I hope lots of people buy tickets because it’s going to be great.

10. It’s been a long time since a song moved me the way Switchfoot’s “The War Inside” has lately. It’s somehow become a personal anthem. I don’t know how old Jon Foreman is, but he sure writes stuff that a dude in his mid-30’s is feeling.


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