Before rehearsal last week, my B3 player realized that we had two very similar songs in the set and suggested we put them together and transition from one to the other. While I’ve never been much of “put-it-all-in-the-same-key-so-it-feels-worshippy” kinda’ guy, this idea was a good one and ended up being one of the more fun parts our day.

We had one video that wouldn’t run and another that got cut at the last second, so the service ended up being much less cluttered than we expected. At Bethel, we work very hard to make sure that every aspect of our service is intentional and God-honoring. That may seem like cliche, but it’s not. I find that it’s so easy (too easy) for a service to take on last minute additions and announcements that can distract our focus. We strive for a service that doesn’t communicate frenzy or chaos. Life is chaotic enough!

Early Sunday morning, our electric guitarist called to tell me his wife was sick and he couldn’t make it. Fortunately for us, Smitty, our other guitarist was on the schedule, too. Smitty was originally going to play mandolin, but I shot him a text that said RAY OUT BRING GUITAR. So Smitty stepped up and did a great job on this song. He didn’t have time to learn all those riffs that Ray normally plays, but Smitty still brought some great guitar to the tune. Sarah sang the verses and did an excellent job leading it. Sarah’s has such confidence on staged. It makes her a great leader.

Tommy Walker has made a name for himself as soul crooner with a guitar and is known for his gospel anthems. For the past few years, we’ve done this mellow, jazzy pop song and we’ve enjoyed it. Naturally, some of the vocals had to be dialed down (not everybody can sing like that, Tommy!) but the band sounds right at home in this multi-faceted song that includes jazz, pop and even some straight ahead, almost alt-country, groove.
For the transition, we landed on the C chord of “Let Your Kingdom Come” and left in the acoustic and the kick drum (four on the floor) while I encouraged folks from Psalm 154. Our drummer did an amazing job reading me and the second I was done talking, he rolled us right into the intro. Our bass player, Chad, played this song with such precision and groove that it was almost distracting to me. I wanted to look back and just stare at him. That good.

Ross came on stage and welcomed folks. He read some scripture and oriented people to worship. I appreciate how scripturally instructive Ross is during this time. In just a few minutes each week, he paints a beautiful picture of the Trinity and our identity in Jesus.

Well, that’s it. I’m officially in love with this little song. I love it for a few reasons: Jesus is the center. Songs that include I-want-to or I’ll-sing-this often end up communicating a very self-focused idea of faith. This song manages to encourage us to worship personally and with passion but maintains throughout that the work is Christ’s. We need more of that! Secondly, I like how the congregation sings on it. By simplifying the melody and dropping it a step, we’ve discovered something our folks can sing loud. And lastly, I like saying “Holy Ghost”. In my faith background, we said “Holy Spirit”, so maybe it’s the rebel in me wanting to say something more mysterious and foreign

Before this tune, I talked a bit about our most powerful “worship moments” -most of us would say our most profound moments with the Lord are when we realize that we can’t do anything without God. I tried to communicate that even in “big” songs like this one, the heart of the message is complete dependence on the Father. We did this song just as big and bad as last week, though we added in the 2nd verse this week. The band did a great job…the song felt more natural this week.

Our church loves this Ross King song. I prayed that God would reign in our lives by showing us that He is the answer…the only answer! The musicians did so good on this song. Smitty did slide guitar and Karen did some nice keyboard work.

It was a great day! What about you? What did y’all sing at your church?


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