Fridays are my chance to rant, theorize and just type like crazy without much forethought. I don’t guarantee that the things in this post are right. But I do promise they’re honest.

1. I’m addicted to comedy podcasts. As a kid, I wanted to be a stand-up comedian. I guess this is my way of vicariously pursuing that?

2. Some of this has hit my Twitter and FB this past week, but it’s my new soapbox; I’ve been listening to a lot of worship podcasts lately and I’m blown away by how the “hosts” never mention their congregations. How can this be? How can worship pastors create a “resource” for others and spend the whole time focusing on themselves? I don’t get it.

3. I am so grateful for this year at Bethel. The musicians and tech team have grown by leaps and bounds (and they were ALREADY awesome to begin with!) I’m looking forward to to 2012.

4. Still have 4 albums on my “to-be-reviewed” list. That’s a lot of music to listen to!

5. I’m really excited about services on Christmas Weekend. During Advent, we’ve been preaching through God’s covenants (Abraham, Moses, David and the new covenant in Jesus!) I’m privileged to serve under teachers who are bold enough to preach on Christ’s return on Christmas Eve. We can’t leave that part out of our worship.

6. Playing a song in DADGAD on Sunday. Along with hammered dulcimer. The folkiest worship set ever.

7. I’ve done okay getting back on the no-sweets regimen, but when Christmas hits, you’re gonna’ see some candy disappear.

8. Friday is our day for the kids to go Christmas shopping for each other. DEFINITELY a highlight each year.

9. I’m making my wife watch through all the West Wing seasons with me. She’s digging it, I think, but she doesn’t understand that you’re supposed to watch  9 or 10 episodes in one sitting. Amateur.

10. Getting a haircut on Tuesday so I can look super clean when I open presents.


One comment

  1. Liz Reeves

    Couple of comments here for ya, Todd.

    #1 YOU? Stand up comic? Never would’ve guessed it. (Hope you see the sarcasm here. You’d be a great comedian.)

    #6 What is DADGAD?

    #7 Wear something with an elastic waistband on Monday. There will be some goodies delivered for the whole staff to chow down on.

    #8 I remember that vlog last year. VERY sweet! Can’t wait to see it.

    #9 You’ve got a good wife. I didn’t watch that show w/ Larry when it was on the first time around. I sure wouldn’t watch it on DVD now. But FRIENDS….that’s a whole different story! I’ve watched the entire series on DVD a few times. LOVE it!

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