Thanks for checking out the show notes for the very first episode of the new podcast! Our hope is to release clear and concise episodes on a weekly (okay, almost weekly) basis.

If you heard the show, let us know what you think in the comments below. Or better yet, go “review” us on iTunes. (Apparently, that’s the way podcasts go up in the ratings, so why not help us become super popular and famous?)

In our premier show, we talked about the “other” places where worship leaders need to lead. Sure the stage is the focus, but a little bit of investment in all of the other places will add quality and ease to your worship leading.

If you haven’t heard the episode yet, you can click here to download and listen.

Now, it’s your time to chime in! Three questions…and you have to answer EVERY one!

  1. Did the podcast work? I’m totally new to the iTunes thing here, so your feedback is appreciated. Did it sound okay? Was the volume balanced well? Did my voice sound rich and deep and sonorous in all the right places? Was it too short or too long? (Don’t get too invested in this question…we’re trying to keep them short, but consistent.)
  2. How do you lead in the “other” places? What are some ways you’ve discovered to lead people in all the non-stage locations?
  3. What would you like to hear on upcoming episodes?

Thanks for listening guys!


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