You’re back!

Thanks for checking out the show notes for this week’s episode. If you didn’t hear it yet, check it out! I love finding new music and sharing it with you guys. Hopefully, you’ll find something from this episode to help you pick songs that will bless your congregation very soon!

In the podcast, we mentioned that we would be sharing a Spotify playlist  so that you could hear the “best of” for each record. As it turns out, we had trouble finding one of the records on Spotify, so we jumped over to Grooveshark and built a little playlist there.

Before you listen, however, a few questions based on the podcast:

1. When you’re reading/listening to record reviews, how important is objectivity? Do you enjoy hearing a reviewer make his or her own judgments on the merits of a project or do you prefer a just-the-facts approach?

2. What’s a record you’re using in our church that you wish more people knew about?

3. And as always…what would you like to hear on the podcast? What would help you as a worship leader?

You know, if you’re already here reading this page, you might as well answer them down in the comments. It’s just the right thing to do…

Now check out the songs that we think are worth hearing!

“God Undefeatable”
“Love Shines”
“Solid Rock”

“Everything Has Changed”
“Here’s My Broken Life”
“My Jesus I Love Thee”

“Exalted One”
“The Lord Is My Rock”
“For The Honor”


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