MY WEEK IN WORSHIP (1/9/12 – 1/13/12)

Since I started the podcast a couple of weeks ago (obligatory link) most of my worship leader thoughts, theories and experiences have ended up in the recording stuff and NOT on here on the blog.

I’m okay with this – saving what I want to say for the podcast and not trying to come with a steady diet of posts. But I don’t want the site to only be the show note page, so I’ve got to find ways to still provide some content!

Worship leading is a strange job where the week can really get away from you. One good thing is to look back on your week and celebrate the stuff God taught you!

had lunch with guy new to Bethel. Enjoyed talking books and worship with him. It’s so easy to let the personal and pastoral side of the job get pushed aside by all the “important” parts of the job.

I had the Roast Beef Dip at BJ’s Brewhouse. Good grief, I love that sandwich. Seriously, has anybody else had this? Am I crazy or is it the greatest sandwich ever to grace a plate? Okay, I’m way too into this.

I had a long meeting with senior pastor and our Arbor campus pastor. One of the things I love about our pastoral team at Bethel is how gracious they are. Sometimes you just need folks that will willingly let you RANT and still love you once you’re done. This sort of meeting where the main goal is just to stay connected as staff is vital.

Tuesday night was also our first night back for youth band rehearsal. Playing with Charles and Kevin is so much fun. They are so prepared and creative every single week. Had a substitute bass player that did a fantastic job.

Wednesday is quickly becoming songwriting day. I did an afternoon co-write with my buddy RK. We’re two or three weeks into a song that I’m really digging. So far, we’ve done two full co-writes in the last few months. He recorded the first one for his EP and I love the way it turned out. Who knows what these other two will sound like when they’re ready?

Wednesday night is also youth worship, so the band and I got back up there to lead some worship. (I actually recorded the set with my camera but the audio wasn’t great, so it got deleted!) The band did such a good job and the kids were simultaneously reverent and raucous! (It can be done!) We did Happy Day, All Because Of Jesus, Counting On God and God With Us. Once I figure out a good angle, I’ll post some video.

Thursday was another lunch, this one with my friend Jonathan. This guy is fantastic! We met at Rudy’s BBQ and I had a blast hanging out with him as usual. We talked through a couple of super secret awesome projects that I can’t talk about. Sorry.

Thursday night was worship rehearsal for Sunday. Hot dang, I’m excited about Sunday. We’ve got another great testimony and I’m so excited to do Matt Redman’s Never Once. That song gets me! I’m also looking forward to co-leading with my friend, Shaune.

Friday is my day off, so I spent with the family. We ran errands, went to Chuy’s for lunch, had ice cream and bought a $5 video game! How’s that for a Friday?


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