Hey gang! It’s Monday and a brand new episode has DROPPED. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you cannot read this website. Leave now please and listen to every episode to date. Thanks.

This week, I answered one of the most common questions I get at my church: where do you get these songs from? As you probably know, it’s not an easy question to answer since there’s SO much music out there.

Now, I’m a bit of new music junkie, so I’ve always got about five songs I want to do every single week, but all of us have those “streams” where we find music. What are yours? Where do you find songs?

And secondly, have you found that specific labels, bands, denominations, etc. fit with your congregation? Have you found that your crowd is a “Passion” crowd or a “Jesus Culture” crowd?

If you’re song selection doesn’t pull from consistent sources, consider finding a few places that regularly produce content that you like. Asking friends is another way to do that – get with other leaders and ask them if they’ve got some go-to resources.

Thanks again to everybody who’s been listening. I’m having a blast and I hope the podcast is encouraging all of you!


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