Last week, I did an end-of-the-week recap of my worship work and I enjoyed it so much, I figured I would stretch it out and make it a thing. (Okay, I didn’t enjoy it all that much, but I need content and this will have to do.)

This week is interesting because I’m scheduled to lead worship. On Sunday, I’m headed over to our Arbor campus to watch my friend Toby lead worship.

While I’m gone, Shaune and the band will lead the services at our South Campus while I’m hanging out and being a spectator for a change! Naturally, that changes your week up a bit – having a guest leader creates a whole new dynamic. It’s a nice change…even though I’m gonna’ miss being at the home campus. However, I know Toby & Shaune are both going to do a fantastic job.

Strong start to the day. Kristen is the administrator of a home school co-op called “Classical Conversations” and this Monday was their first day back. While I would much rather prefer sleeping in a bit to recuperate from Sunday, Classical Conversations must continue! Got up early (for me) and helped get all the co-op stuff loaded. This means I get to the church early!

After moving tables, setting up a TV, I went up to my office to work on receipts. While I am grateful for a church that so generously provides for me to buy equipment, gather resources and to invest in relationships, I absolutely LOATHE turning in my receipts every month. I know it’s dumb. But it’s real. (It doesn’t hurt that we have an awesome financial coordinator who is always gracious and helpful when I’m putting off the inevitable.)

Monday is also the day that the new podcast posts, so I try to monitor when iTunes publishes on Monday morning so I can send the link out. For some reason, the episode wasn’t posting in a couple of places, so I spent a little time making sure I had all my digital stuff hooked up right to make sure the podcast was out there. I try to keep a eye on the stats throughout the week, so naturally, I watched it today. This was probably the slowest Monday since we started; not too many downloads.

I had the first three episodes already “banked”. Episodes 4 and 5 are definitely planned, but not recorded yet. However, next week’s show is called The Worship Wife so I gotta’ get Kristen to sit down for an interview as soon as possible.

I had a post-worship meeting planned w/ our Arbor campus pastor to talk through worship yesterday, but as it happened, our schedules would not work out. I went into town with Kristen and the kids for a late lunch. We tried the new Mooyah burger place. It was good, but a little expensive for my tastes. Milkshakes were pretty dang good, though.

Came back to the church after running some errands and helped Kristen pack up the homeschool stuff and then went home. Monday night I caught up some reading for staff meeting on Tuesday and convinced Kristen to make brownies.


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