Day two…will this excitement ever end?

Since I work late on Tuesday nights w/ youth band rehearsal, I usually stay home in the mornings to be with the family. Today, I had two projects: first of all, help Jonah begin work on a new “Bionicle” movie. Once I rolled out of bed, we started shooting and recording dialogue. This is the most work we’ve ever put into one of these, but we are dedicated to achieving YouTube greatness on this one! (See Jonah’s previous work here.) My second project was to help Kristen as she reorganizes a couple of rooms. We put together a bookshelf and moved some junk around.

After picking up some pizza for the family, I headed up to the church for staff meeting. Our staff is reading through Lewis Sperry Chafer’s He That Is Spiritual and for today we looked at B.B. Warfield’s opposition paper. Just one more reason I love working at Bethel – I’m constantly challenged to read and study stuff that pushes me to think critically and Biblically. After staff meeting, met with Eric B. to do more worship planning for Arbor campus. I love worship, but it’s hard when a campus doesn’t have a worship leader – lots more leg work!

Coordinated with some folks who need a DVD playing in our foyer for Wednesday. Took me awhile to track down the guy but we got it worked out finally! Did some work in the office until youth band rehearsal. Dang, I love playing with these guys. Chad Riddle, who has played with us for a few months on Sunday mornings, subbed for bass this week and did a fantastic job. (He learned the bridge of “Counting On God”. That’s huge, y’all.) We practiced for about an hour-and-a-half and then I hung out talking for another twenty minutes. Ran by the store on the way home and bought Kristen some ice cream and ended my day around 10pm. Watched some TV and played a video game before bed.

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