Woke up relatively early. (With my kids, who needs an alarm? ) Wednesday is songwriting day and due to a pretty full schedule, my writing session started at 9am.

Got to the church a little before 9 and setup to do some writing. Had some trouble with Facetime and Skype, but finally got the session running around 9:15. Paused writing for a bit to grab the DVD for the funeral reception later this afternoon. Realized that the video wouldn’t “loop” by default, so I threw it into Final Cut and started rendering for possible looping video. The co-writing went good – mostly we just made sure we were in agreement on our previous song being finished. We spent a few minutes messing around with new song ideas and decided what our “homework” would be. I love how co-writing is challenging me. It reminds me that writing songs – especially songs for worship – is difficult!

When writing was over, did some lightning fast editing on the reception video and got it done just in time. In fact, I had to have Kristen bring an adapter from home so that I could show it on my computer instead of the lobby laptop. (No time to even upload!) Grabbed a haircut and a quick lunch at Sonic and then came back for the reception.

After the reception, I headed over to the youth area to get setup for worship. Spent about thirty minutes talking with our youth director about flow-of-worship, finding your “voice”, etc. Band started showing up around 5:45, so we did a quick soundcheck. The set went great. We do Redman’s “O This God” in our main service, but this was the first time we did it in youth – I thought it came off really strong with just a 4 piece.

After the set, packed up some gear and headed home. Fortunately, both my kids were awake so I got to see them before bed. Good day, but long!


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