Since Jonah, Finley and Kristen all share a birthday in January, we opted for a giant 3/4 Wright Family birthday party in Lufkin for the weekend. And since I had a guest filling in for me, I didn’t have to go to rehearsal!

When I got up, I emailed out our setlist for 1/29 and some “set notes.” Also started coordinating with the team leading at the Arbor campus next week. (Our rehearsal schedule is crazy next week, so I’m trying to make sure I let all the right people know…not cool when somebody shows up to rehearsal on the wrong day.) I also spent time editing some more of Monday’s worship podcast. I recorded the podcast with my wife late Wednesday night, which is much later in the week than I like to track, but it was the soonest we could do it.

It’s a good episode – it’s long and conversational and I think my wife says some pretty smart stuff about being married and in ministry.

When I went out to run some errands, our minivan wouldn’t crank. It was acting weird one day last week but then straightened out, so we’ve been trying to be watchful in case it needed some repair. I jumped off the battery and came inside to let Kristen know. She didn’t say anything, but I could tell her look was saying this-day-isn’t-going-to-turn-out-like-we-thought.

So I texted my pal, Alley, at the dealership and he told me to bring it in. He was waiting for me when I got there and walked me right into service. While I waited, I caught up on emails and made a few phone calls to solidify tech stuff for church this weekend. I don’t take “off” that often, but I’m so proud of our tech team – thanks to a lot of great volunteers, this aspect of worship runs like clockwork with or without me. I like that!

Alley and his team got me hooked up and I headed back home. Nobody was packed up (and two of us weren’t even dressed) so we left MUCH later than we planned. On the way out, I drove over to the church to unlock the doors and lay out the charts and worship orders for the team.

In Lufkin, we relaxed a bit and had supper. Once the kids went to bed, I had a few more worship emails and then I spent about thirty minutes on songwriting. One specific idea from the Wednesday co-write was rolling around in my head, so I grabbed my father-in-law’s guitar and started trying out ideas. I like what I got. I don’t think the lyrics are “there” yet, but I do think I have some stuff that can push us in a direction now. Even if we end up tossing these ideas, they will have at least moved us closer to finishing this song. My plan was to work on a second idea we talked about, but after a half hour of trying to theologically-sound hymn flavored lyrics that are easy to sing, my brain was fried.

There was a brief argument in my head about staying up all night and writing songs, but sleep won out.


One comment

  1. Liz Reeves

    Really looking forward to this week’s podcast. I always love hearing the wife’s take on things. Having been there/done that, I always nod in agreement and enjoy hearing that someone else is feeling all the same things I felt.

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