Episode 4 went live this morning and I hope you’ll check it out. This one has been planned for a while and I have to admit I’m pretty proud of this one.

In this episode, I talk to my wife about the challenges of being married  to a minster. Naturally, our context is the husband as worship leader, but I think there’s stuff in here for any ministry position and I hope it’s encouraging to both husbands and wives.

Kristen did a great job and based on how much fun we had doing this show, I’m certain that “worship wife” episodes will become a thing.

If you listened to the show, I’ve got a couple of follow up questions for you. You can respond either here or over at the iTunes page.

  1. Do you agree with Todd’s assumption that every worship leader has a deep (and “dark”) need for encouragement? Or are you as surprised as Kristen is? Which one of us makes more sense?
  2. If constructive criticism does need to take place, what’s the best format for that? Is there an easy way to have those tough discussions?

Comment below!



  1. Liz Reeves

    Great episode!! Totally hit home!

    I can sooooo relate to the things Kristen said about feeling like she & the kids came 2nd to the job sometimes. It’s awesome that you found a way to balance things! Being in ministry, it’s so very hard to do that! You’re pulled by the people at church and by the family at home — who both need you. It’s a hard, hard, hard job!

    Totally agree w/ your discussion about hearing that encouragement from your wife. So important! (But it does sound like your main love language is encouragment/words of affirmation.)

    LOL about the anonymous note from the crazy person about your “dirty” jeans. We got a few of those weird notes/comments when we were at RH. Weirdos. But ya know, I figure if you are too big a weenie to say it to my face, I’m not going to give your note much weight! I hope you let that one go without giving it a 2nd thought!

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