If you haven’t listend to the new episode, I’ll go ahead and warn you – this is the most passionate (read: ranting) I’ve been so far.

Not a lot of folks agree with me about the worship-music industry’s responsibility to support the local church, and that’s okay. In fact, I don’t think the major-label worship model will ever return to the local-church focus of years ago.

But somebody’s gotta’ step up.

Like always, I’ve got a few follow-up questions. You’re a smart crew and I’m interested to get your take on these additional thoughts and concerns.

AM I CRAZY? How many of you think I’m wrong on this one? And what kind of ‘wrong’ am I? Do you think worship labels are free and clear of a burden like this? Or am I wrong because I’m trying to reform something that’s long gone and won’t ever happen again?

WHAT IF OTHER PEOPLE DID THIS? Think about the famous preachers you follow on Facebook or Twitter; would you enjoy their posts if all of them were about missed flights and hotel food and pictures of skylines? Why do expect preachers to use their platforms for instruction but not Christian musicians? If there’s a double standard, why is that?



One comment

  1. Toby L. Baxley

    Todd – I agree with you. I would venture to say that the majority of these “Worship Artists” have never had the responsibility of leading a church on a week-to-week basis.

    I’ve honestly grown weary of Twitter recently for exactly the reason you mention. There’s more ‘hawking of wares’ than sharing of good info. I’m like you…tired of seeing what so-and-so had for dinner on his flight to wherever for the next show.

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