You may have noticed that I’ve been posting more front-of-house videos of our worship services. (I keep hoping some Christian songwriter will sue me, but nothing yet.) There are actually a few reasons why I do it and why I encourage other worship leaders to do the same.

Recording, editing and uploading these live worship videos was initially just for me to have – a record of particular sets or songs that worked out. But it’s turned into something much more. Yeah, it can be time consuming, but so far, the benefits have outweighed the cost every single week. I can break down my “reasons” for doing this into four separate benefits.

1. Reference. Feeling down about your team’s development? Discouraged about your awful stage or how your subs don’t thump enough? Go watch a video from a year ago. You’ll be amazed at how far the entire service has come. Regardless of the makeup of the team, you’ll find obvious places where you’ve grown. And who knows, your stage or sound system’s probably gotten better in a year, too.

2. Rehearsal Prep. At Bethel, we don’t necessarily do songs “just like the CD”. In fact, our tunes usually end up getting tweaked and adjusted and end up sounding like us. (We like this.) But having a catalog of songs on video that you can email to your teammates is extremely helpful. Most of the folks on my team have very busy work lives that making learning their parts extremely challenging each week. My team puts in a ton of work to learn their stuff, but having a video archive also is a great way to look back on something we did that worked.

3. Celebration. When I post the songs on Sunday night, you can guarantee my players are going to show up and watch it. They want to see if we rocked! And to be honest, it’s the way I’d prefer them to celebrate success. I’m much rather have a bandmate simultaneous celebrating and assessing critically than showing up on Sundays hoping that some congregant will pat him on the back.

4. Improvement. Regardless of all the benefits listed above, I have learned more about what to do (and not do) from watching back through our sets. I don’t watch through every song, every week, but I try to take in as much as I can from the crowd perspective. In the few months I’ve doing this, I’ve noticed two or three things I was doing that needed work. Old habits die hard, but seeing it firsthand is a great motivator.

If you post your sets, too, I’d love to know about it. Heck, I’ll subscribe to THAT channel for sure.
*If you’d like to watch some of these live videos, just click the “live worship” link at the top of the page to head over to our YouTube playlist. 


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