MY WEEK IN WORSHIP (1/30/12 – 2/3/12)

Worship leaders, I highly recommend writing out your days every so often.

I guarantee you’ll be surprised – either by your diligence or your laziness.  Let’s hope you’re more of a ‘diligence’ person, huh?

Leading worship is a weird job filled with both amazing opportunities as well as debilitating fear. Mixed bag, I’ll tell you. That’s why I like doing these work week posts. Gives me a little perspective at the end of a week!

If you’re a worship leader who blogs, give it a shot. You’ll definitely be surprised by what happens. (Good and bad!)

MONDAY (1/30/12)
Sorry to sound so predictable, but the whole crew woke up early to get Krist and the kids ready for homeschool co-op. I helped them load-in, then got to my office upstairs just before 9am. Sent some emails and knocked out a set for youth on Wednesday night. Realized that we’re still short a bass player for Wednesday night, so I hustled and found somebody to “hold it down”, as the kids say. Around 10, I went over to the sanctuary to put some new songs into the database. I don’t have to put the songs in – we’ve got some great volunteers who do that – but I sure like it. Plus, I’m on the hunt for the best “projection” font. Right now we use a Stone Semi font that we like, but I keep feeling like there’s something better! At 11, I wrapped up and took care of more email stuff. Walked over to spend a few minute with Kristen and the kids before heading to lunch. Did lunch with Shaune at Don Juan’s (ministry is so hard, sometimes, y’all.) We had a long lunch talking worship and family and chasing down dreams. After lunch, headed back to the church to pick up my gear so I could home and finish up work from the comfort of my house. At church, jumped into a couple planning conversations that were good. Left later than intended, but such is ministry. Went home, worked a little and then shut it down to be with the family for the rest of the evening.

TUESDAY (1/31/12)
Tuesday was Finley’s birthday so I took the day off to spend with the family. We had a great time, but by around 5pm, I was anxious to actually do some work! Got up to the church at 5pm to get ready for youth band rehearsal. Dang, it was good. Before rehearsal, I caught up on email and spent some time lining up musicians and songs for Sunday at the Arbor campus. After rehearsal, did some work on some audio recording stuff for our family ministries. Headed home around 9pm.

WEDNESDAY (2/1/12)
Started my work day with barbecue! Met one of my guitar players for Stanley’s BBQ and had a blast. I love playing music, but hanging out with good musicians is almost as fun! We didn’t discuss anything major – just hung out, laughed and tried to stretch lunch as long as we could. After lunch, headed to the church. Kristen dropped off the kids and went grocery shopping. I worked in the sanctuary while they played on the computer. When she picked them back up, I headed over and had yet another planning meeting for worship at our Arbor campus. Believe me when I tell you that 98% of my mental capacity these days is consumed with Arbor worship. After that, I headed upstairs to get ready for youth worship. Had a great set at youth. After we played, took the guys out to dinner, which was a blast. Headed back to the church around 8:45 to tear down gear and finish up a couple of projects I had paused. Got home a little before 10.

THURSDAY (2/2/12)
Hung at the house Thursday morning while Kristen went to the eye doctor. Got to the church in the afternoon and met with pastors to look over the new “stage thrust”. (Not my favorite name for a thing…but apparently, it’s the correct one.) I also spent some more time on worship planning for our Arbor campus. Worked until around 5, then started gearing up for rehearsal. Even though we had four songs for Sunday, we had a fifth tune we wanted to work some. However, the rehearsal was tough. In retrospect, I think the fact that we had four older songs hurt us – very few of the team showed up having rehearsed. Made the rehearsal difficult, but we got out of there in a decent amount of time. Got home around 10, watched a little bit of a movie with Kristen before bed.

*Realize I probably ought to include Sunday in these posts, but I’m not sure which Sunday to recap…the one I did at the first of the week or the one that ended THIS week. Blogging is hard, guys.


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