Hey gang! New episode is live and we review new records from All Sons & Daughters, The Brilliance, One Sonic Society, Jeremy Riddle, Aaron Shust, Toby Baxley, Kari Jobe and Bethel Music.

That’s A LOT of music! If you haven’t listened to the show yet, get to it! If you did hear it, I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on the questions below.

And don’t forget to suggest albums or artists that you’d like to hear on the podcast – as I mentioned in the show, I’m open to music suggestions. Thanks again for listening, gang.

1. What are the top two factors when you purchase music for use in your church?  (Be honest…no judgment here. Okay. Maybe a little.)

2. Do you purchase whole albums or select worship tunes on a song-by-song basis via the internet?

3. In your worship leading context, is there a budget provided for purchasing new music or do you have to pay for it yourself?

4. In your worship leading life, name the album that has been the best resource for songs?

Thanks for commenting and don’t forget to recommend some music in the comments below!


One comment

  1. Toby L. Baxley

    Todd – this is the best podcast episode I’ve ever heard! Especially from about 7:25 – 8:25. 😉

    Seriously, though, thanks for the review of my album. I want to give the first 5 folks who follow me on Twitter ( or Friend me on Facebook ( a code to download the album you reviewed FOR FREE!!! That’s 5 to new Twitter followers and 5 to new Facebook friends.

    All they have to do is follow me and write on my wall or mention me in a post and reference the album review and I’ll hit them back with the free download code.

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