You know the feeling, don’t you?

That difficult song came off without a hitch.
The scripture reading worked perfectly with the song selection.
The musicians all showed up on time and knew their parts.

That Sunday night feeling – you’ve “made it” through another Sunday and you’re at your house and your kids are asleep.

What do you do? What’s the best way to be a good steward of your ministry when you’re on your couch and recuperating?

Rent a movie or go out to dinner. Enjoy that nap. Every good and perfect thing comes from our Father above, so make some time to celebrate a good day. And you know the secret of celebration? It’s really just “rest” dressed up in a funny hat. When we celebrate, we’re really allowing ourselves to relax and rest. And for followers of Jesus, that rest – and celebration  – is vital to your spiritual and emotional well being.

You’re probably going to assess the service anyway, but don’t forget to spend a little time on YOU. What can you do better next time you step up to lead? What did God teach you today? That intentional personal assessment will have a tremendous impact on your attitude – even those things that you feel like changing will inspire you for the upcoming week.

Don’t stay up until midnight logging in two hours of work, but go ahead and upload a few songs or make notes about next week’s set. If you’re feeling inspired and excited, capitalize. Just don’t launch 22 emails that night. In fact, it’s probably best that all your dreams and plans and critiques wait until Monday morning. Work a little, but don’t send all of it out to the world before the sun comes up on Monday.

I don’t understand why we do this. We know that we need rest and that we should go to bed early at the end of a long day.

But we don’t. We stay up, don’t we? Either working or playing, we end our night by collapsing into bed and we fall asleep immediately. While that may feel like some sort of hard-working, take-no-prisoners quality to be admired, it isn’t. If your mind won’t shut off, read the Bible in bed or listen to some music. But let your body and mind ease into rest.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of sleeping in or taking Monday off, which is unfortunate, because that’s when ministry hangover hits hardest. Ministry hangover is perfectly natural and there are some great blogs on how to combat it. (I recommend this one.) Just be smart; no matter how terrible – or great – Sunday was, your body and mind are still going to need some healing. Be wise and watch out for it.

What have I missed? What else can we do on Sunday nights to make our lives and ministries better?



  1. Ben

    One thing I really try to make an effort to do is send an email or something to everyone in the group to…not exactly congratulate them, but to thank them for their hard work (and that’s even more important when Sunday doesn’t go so well) and remind them that God uses that work. Then I tell them to have a good rest. But that’s it. I don’t do any work after that until Monday.

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