There’s a temptation that every single minister faces on a regular basis.


In our more sane moments, we can recognize the things that cause us difficulty  – the sin nature, the process of sanctification, political warring, etc. – but when we’re in the dark place, it’s hard to nurture a healthy perspective.

That’s why I want to share with you one simple idea that has the potential to change your outlook. When you’re down on ministry, when you’ve got problems within the church staff or you’re facing congregational difficulties, this sentence will go a long way toward setting your mind right.

Are you ready for it?


This  isn’t idealism and it isn’t naivete.

It doesn’t diminish the struggles involved in ministry.
However, taking stock of your church and looking for that thing that your church does better than anybody else will energize your work and will calm your fears.

Think about it – there’s something that your church is really, really good at.
Take five minutes out of your day and be grateful for that.
God’s gifted your church with righteous, hard working, anointed people who are doing great things for His Kingdom and the second you start forgetting that, you’re in trouble.

And do you know what happens when you start thinking about that one thing?

You’ll find more.
You’ll start to realize that your church actually does A LOT of things right and you’ll come away more grateful and more committed to your ministry there.

Do me a favor – think about that today.

What’s God doing in your church and through your people that deserves to be celebrated?


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