There was a time when leading worship at Disciple Now weekends was a big part of my life.
It was how I made money and a great way to learn the ministry of leading worship.

I don’t lead worship at DNOW events much anymore. I’d like to think that it’s because I’ve moved on to bigger and better, but it’s probably more that I’m just old.

I’m okay with that. DNOW brings up some interesting memories, so I thought I’d share them.


1. REC TIME – I’m sorry, youth pastors. I appreciate the value of having “the band” participate in recreation time with the kids on Saturday afternoon, but I hated that. I always celebrated secretly when the youth guy would say, “Nah, you guys just do whatever you want on Saturday afternoon.”

2. YOUNG GUYS IN THE BAND – When I did DNOW weekends, I tried to use younger players who at looked somewhat “close” to the age of the kids in the room. The problem is that most young male musicians are also single. Which meant a bunch of teenage girls chasing around my bass player or hugging my drummer all the time. Do not miss that.

3. SMALL TOWN SOUND SYSTEMS – Let me start by saying that most every DNOW I ever played was in a small church. In fact, it always seemed the smaller the church, the better it went. But I do not miss trying to plug 12 instrument channels into a system that typically only had to handle an organ, piano and 1 microphone with a giant red mic cover on it. Monitors? Forget it.

4. PIZZA/HOT DOGS – Before you leave a nasty comment, I love pizza and enjoy hot dogs often. But of the dozens of DNOWs I played, I can count on one hand the times we DID NOT have pizza or hot dogs. And because we played in small towns (see point #3), the pizza was usually awful. *Remind me to tell the story about the frozen hot dogs sometime.

5. WORSHIP ON SUNDAY – This is a tough one because I can appreciate the good it did. It was very common for the worship band at a DNOW to also lead worship on Sunday morning for the whole congregation. I loved doing this and am so grateful for the chance to do it – but it was hard. As a worship pastor now, I realize how gracious all those worship leaders were to let me up there to lead. Don’t know that I ever met a worship leader who was unkind or rude in those situations. But I do not miss the angry sound men or glaring deacons on the back row. *Remind me to tell you the story of the “man on the wall” sometime.

Disciple Now was where I learned some of the best lessons about leading worship. I’m grateful for the bad pizza and rude old people and all the difficulty involved. It made me better and wiser.

But that doesn’t mean I want to do it again.

*dont’ forget to check out this week’s podcast!


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