You know why people make fun of worship leaders?

Because we deserve it.

Say what you want to about “celebrity pastors” who give the church a bad name, but I think it’s the worship leaders who make us all look silly.

I can’t be silent anymore. It’s time to speak out about the things worship leaders do that are dumb and should be stopped. You or someone you know suffers from “doing dumb worship leader things”. Please take this information to heart.


  • You know who really likes coffee? EVERY ONE SINCE THE 15TH CENTURY. Your grandpa liked coffee. Your fifth grade gym teacher liked coffee. Your doctor probably has a cup in the morning on the way to the office. How many of them ever asked you to stop what you’re doing so that they can describe in great detail their particular brand or style of beverage?
  • Lots of people already think worship leaders are a bunch of lazy, self-obsessed losers. Most of us aren’t, but we don’t help our case when we post stuff at 1:15pm like, “Macchiato with extra caramel! YUMMMM!” Drink it, love it, whatever…but you’ve got more intelligent things to say.
  • And don’t try to justify your posts. Because somebody might actually ask why you’re so tired that you need a “coffee IV” (Ha ha ha ha ha!) And then you’d have to say, “Stayed up too until 1:30 watching The Walking Dead…” And then you’d feel dumb.
  • You’re an intelligent, witty person who has a lot to offer. Why not post something that says who-you-are and not just what-you-like-to-buy. I like to buy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but the world doesn’t need to know it every time it happens. (That would be so very sad, by the way. I eat a lot of them.)
  • And Instagram doesn’t make it better.

(Other dumb things we do.)



  1. johnnydrummer

    When I drink coffee in the kinds of places you do, I always wear black. Why? It’s a “contemporary cassock.”

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