You know why people make fun of worship leaders?

Because we deserve it.

Say what you want to about “celebrity pastors” who give the church a bad name, but I think it’s the worship leaders who make us all look silly.

I can’t be silent anymore. It’s time to speak out about the things worship leaders do that are dumb and should be stopped. You or someone you know suffers from “doing dumb worship leader things”. Please take this information to heart.

STOP DOING “COVERS” (Exact replications of songs…)

  • That song you downloaded has over 20 separate tracks featuring dozens of instruments, pre-amps, speaker combinations and processing. Your band is you and five other people – all playing one instrument at a time. There’s no way you’re going to match the tune note for note. And you’re going to seriously overwork and stress out your band in the process.
  • Most of your church hasn’t heard the song, so they probably don’t know what to do on some of the weirder parts.
  • Keys can be changed. Why on earth would you ask your team to learn a song in F#? Are you trying to make them hate you?
  • Again…keys can be changed. People record songs in keys that make the singer sound awesome. They do not choose keys for congregational singing. You truly do have a beautiful voice…angelic, even…but you really hack off your people when you’re up there doing Mariah Carey. (Not Mariah Carey now. Then.)

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