Leading worship in a small church is a mixed bag of wonder and weirdness.

A tiny close-knit group of believers can be an awesome place to lead worship.
It can also be terrible.

That’s where you come in. It’s time for you to hit that comment box. Regardless of where my readers currently serve, I’m sure that every one of us have led worship in little churches before.

So, comment below:


(Feel free to be as silly or serious as you want!)



  1. Michael Bryce Jr.

    I led worship in a small church (about 150 members) for two years. It was a huge growing experience for me… There are good and bad things. While you don’t have the resources of a large church or the money to spend on technology, mics, sound guys, in ears etc., you actually KNOW the people in the congregation your leading! You can know their struggles, pains, praise-worthy things going on in their lives… This allows you to serve them so much better as their worship leader. I also think it pushes our creativity as worship leaders… It makes us think outside the box since we don’t have all the toys that a big or mega church would have. Either way… Big or small church, we are responsible before the Lord to be serving Him in whatever situation He provides… Although there are practical differences, the theological reasons for worship remain the same. Great question, btw.

  2. johnnydrummer

    Our average Sunday attendance is around 60. The best thing about leading our group is that I know and recognize every voice I hear, every face I see. I know each person’s story and why he or she is worshipping the Lord. I know that we are all really together.

    Worst thing? All I can think of is that when someone isn’t there, we all feel it.

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