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  1. johnnydrummer

    I almost never get to play without a click. Sometimes I resent this.

    They’re great for flying loops in and out and letting the guitarists use tap delay on everything. And they keep the open spaces at the right length without someone having to play, as you said.

    For me, they often make the band LESS tight. Most musicians get excited to be on stage and rush. Usually, I’ll give the guys leaning forward a LITTLE leeway but hold the reigns. We all push the chorus a little as one, then bring it back in the verse, whatever.

    But with Pong in our ears, a keyboard loop, and a guitar delaying at tempo, I’m going to stay on the click, so’s the bassist. Rest of the band pulls ahead. Singers are ahead of THAT. The feel’s out the window.

    Obviously we should all just lock in, and I work to play in such a way that they stay with me. I just miss letting it be human. Imagine a symphony on a grid. Ugh.

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