Some of the stuff we do confuses people. You’re up there being your natural self but folks in your crowd may not quite understand.

These aren’t hard and fast rules, but I think you’ll find yourself in at least one or two of these places.

Be yourself, but just remember…not everybody understands all the stuff you do. Consider this a translation guide to illustrate how weird our job really is.

WHAT THEY SEE: You stomping like crazy during the bridge of a song.
WHAT THEY THINK IS HAPPENING: You’re up there jamming.
The drummer is rushing so fast that you’re going to need oxygen by the time this is over. You’re doing everything you can to correct the tempo and if something doesn’t change you’re going to have a broken ankle before the second service is done.

WHAT THEY SEE: You closing your eyes.
WHAT THEY THINK IS HAPPENING: You’re so passionate about God’s glory that you’re shutting every single distraction so that you can focus on giving Him praise.
WHAT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING:  People in the crowd are shooting mean looks at you and it’s too awkward to deal with and actually look at them.

WHAT THEY SEE: A subtle nod to one of your teammates.
WHAT THEY THINK IS HAPPENING: You’re giving encouragement to the band.
WHAT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING:  Your guy was supposed to start the next song and he’s just staring at you. (This will be the first of seven quick nods…and then eventually speaking through clenched teeth, “Start the song, dude! START THE SONG!”)

WHAT THEY SEE: You lean in to speak to the pastor when you’re both on stage.
WHAT THEY THINK IS HAPPENING: Last minute, emergency change to the service because you’re both trying to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading.
WHAT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING:  One of you is saying, “See that guy in the blue shirt? What that guy’s name? Tim? Tom? Toby? I’ve met them but I have no idea who they are.”



  1. ross

    fantastic post and so true. but seriously, dude, this is the kind of thing that got Gob Bluth blackballed. Hopefully you get that joke.

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