Passion: White Flag
Maybe the most hook-laden Passion project to date. Writers and producers show serious pop skill and well-planned song arrangement. Fantastic energy in the ballads and a good mix of “voices” in the songlist. My favorite thing has to be the lack of bridges. Most worship writers think every song must have a bridge, but White Flag shows creativity and boldness in giving songs nuance without always jumping to a bridge section.

Fike – The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For
The most common complaint regarding studio worship projects is over-production. Quite simply, labels keep putting out stuff that our teams can’t play. I love that the new Fike record sounds like a real band playing real music. The production is simple and the songs feel completely natural. Due to the fact that so many church worship bands are fronted by acoustic guitar, Fike’s acoustic/folk leanings will be an evident fit for lots of us.

Sovereign Grace Music: Age To Age
I’m a Sovereign Grace junkie, so keep that in mind. This new hymn record is a departure from their previous releases which has taken me a while to get into. However, I love the diversity of the record. I keep seeing reviewers use “indie” to describe it, and while that may be too vague a definition, there is an obvious caution-to-the-wind thing in this project. Specifically, the overall creativity of percussion as a whole is really pretty great. I also like that some new voices are in the mix here. I dig the original stuff, but the “remakes” exemplify some pretty terrific songwriting.

Paul Baloche – The Same Love
Paul makes great records. We all know that. But this one is next-level good, and in my opinion, the reason is simple: MELODY. I think Paul’s melodies here are the best he’s written. Easily singable, and still inventive? How does he do it? Paul’s always been a pro at two opposite ends of the spectrum – great fast tunes and powerful ballads – but I think the strongest stuff on this record is the mid-tempo stuff. Paul and crew have captured a groove in this project and it’s impressive.


  1. What are you listening to? And what do you like about it?
  2. Have you heard the projects listed above? What do you think about them?


  1. johnnydrummer

    Funny you mentioned bridges. I’ve had to play the title track of the Baloche album, and the bridge feels like “Well, we have to have a bridge. Once down, once with an 8th note cescendo.” AGAIN. That trick’s gotten old.Props to the Passion guys because they were pretty grievous offenders in that department.

  2. lukebilberry

    This is not really a tune for congregational worship but the song, Where I Belong, by Switchfoot on the Vice Verses has been on repeat in my car for a while. What do you think makes a great worship song Todd?

    • toddwright

      “Where I Belong” is my JAM, dude. I think it may be one of my favorite Foreman tunes.

      What makes a good worship tune? Hmmmm….that would make a good post altogether! Now, you’ve given something else to write about!

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