Ministry changes you.


The longer you do it, the more you realize that every day has new challenges, lessons and opportunities. I was once a “young” worship leader and am quickly approaching the role of “old” worship leader. As I sit in this weird middle ground between life phases, I keep thinking about stuff worship leaders (young and old) should probably know. The list is a collection of things I wish I would have known as a young man and things I can see myself needing to learn for the future.


  • Scripture over songs. Use scripture constantly and forget trying to learn all the hits. Use it your sets, in your life and in your song selection.
  • Be kind. Many worship leaders lead lives of relational wreckage. Give grace.
  • Don’t argue about songs. When criticism comes, receive it, process it and look for what can be learned. Then move on.
  • You’re a pastor first and foremost. Stop caring so much about being an “artist”.
  • Learn how to lead when you’re not feeling it.
  • Go slow. In just about everything.


  • Age brings hardship – physical, congregational, social. Put your whole hope in God.
  • Try new stuff. A lot of it is really good.
  • Don’t be bitter. Don’t ever be bitter.
  • The next time you think some young leader is an idiot, think of all the experienced worship leaders who helped you out at your most idiotic.
  • Get excited about church. Work long hours, even at a time in your life where you could bail.
  • Pray that God would send young worship leaders to your church who are better than you.


-What do wish somebody had told you when you were a young worship leader?

-What do you want to do better once you’re “old”? 


One comment

  1. lukebilberry

    This is good stuff bro. I pray that when I get old and gray I get excited about about what God is doing in the next generation and help encourage them to center their lives on Christ.

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