Unrealistic expectation is the enemy of good worship leading.

We show up to lead expecting all kinds of fantastic stuff and when none of it happens, we’re bummed out.

This may be “normal”, but it isn’t healthy. So in the hope that we can all lead with both skill and right thinking, here are five things your job definitely IS.

  1. TEACH GOOD SONGS. Not trendy songs. Not favorite songs. Good songs. Sure, songs often surprise us – that’s the joy of it. But you have to have a framework that helps you decide on what makes a song “good” for congregational singing.
  2. PASTOR YOUR TEAM. If you’re not encouraging and working to disciple them, you’re failing at our job. Sad, but true. This isn’t an easy part of the job. It’s hard and includes setbacks, challenges and failures…but do it anyway.
  3. INSTRUCT YOUR PEOPLE. You need to be smart about worship…and I don’t just mean that you’ve been to lots of worship concerts. You need to know church history and Biblical instructions about worship. You need to work hard at communicating truth about what worship is. Lots of people stand out there and have no real clue why you’re asking them to do these things on a Sunday morning.
  4. SUPPORT YOUR PASTOR. Do everything you can to help your pastor succeed in his ministry and grow in His faith. He’ll stand before God and be accountable for those he was called to shepherd. But who’s to say you won’t stand before God and be accountable for how you cared for your pastor? Yikes, right?
  5. CREATE WITH A PURPOSE. Every idea, service element or new thing you conceive should have a goal of helping people know the truth about God. Lots of us create for different reasons – we like to be creative, we get a kick out of accomplishing stuff, we want affirmation from others, etc. But if your creativity to lead people God and His Word, start reforming your goals.

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