We talk about this a good bit at my church. It’s an important topic among musicians, tech teams and generally any other creative person who serves in ministry.

I don’t do too many survey posts because I don’t want them to be seen as a hidden attempt at beefing up comment count, but I would love to know what worship leaders and ministers think about this question:

Why don’t creative people have more friends?

Think about the musicians and artists you know. How many of them are good at connecting with other Christ followers?

Not many, right?

Look at it in the context of the local church. Why is it difficult for creative people to build healthy, God-honoring, real relationships with people in their own congregations?

Come on, gang…give me some theories!



  1. Justin Carnley

    Most of us don’t like to be told how to do things because we, being creative, already have an idea of how we think something should be done. Give us a leadership position and a title, and you’ve just validated our creative license. Any discussion about our way of doing things becomes personal and may even feel like an attack on our character. I think that we also create to fulfill our own needs rather than the needs of others despite what our job title infers. That sometimes unfortunately makes us fairly disinterested in what others have to offer. Most people don’t like being around people like that. We come across as selfish and narcissistic (which regrettably I am) even though I despise those characteristics in others and in myself. And I fight it every day, but out of the abundance of the heart…I fail. I can only rest in God’s grace and try again tomorrow.

  2. Liz Reeves

    Umm…maybe this isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but at least in my life…

    Creative types tend to be nerdy & awkward socially, but they flourish in their creative field—writing, music, theater, etc. Which explains why I can barely speak in public but have umpteen million friends on Facebook (where I only have to WRITE) and feel most at home when I’m in front of a keyboard, typing a blog post or newspaper article. (Or maybe with a room full of little kids!)

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