After a nice, relaxing summer break, the Todd Wright Podcast is coming back! I’m currently tracking episodes and I’m hoping they’ll go live in September.

I’m excited about some new stuff this fall:

  • A CO-HOST. Yep, many of the fall episodes will feature a co-host. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I’m looking forward to doing this with a friend and worship leader that I respect and enjoy being around. I’m excited at where the “tone” of the podcast will go with a co-host. We’ve already tracked some and I like the way the podcast feels with somebody else involved in the conversation.
  • MORE INTERVIEWS. I’m looking forward to interviewing people who are dedicated to serving the local church in worship. Hopefully, we’ll help listeners to become aware of talented, pastoral worship leaders working in churches big and small!
  • CONTRIBUTORS @ BLOG. In addition to the podcast, this site will begin featuring some guests posts by people I trust. I’ve asked these folks to write from their experience because I believe what they lived and done will make you a better worship leader and musician!

You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes or get episodes via the “podcast” button above.


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