Take twenty minutes and search “Will Ferrell” and “late night.”

You’ll find that our good friend, the internet, will give you dozens of clips of the actor’s numerous appearances on late night talk shows.

What do you notice? Is Will Ferrell in a nice, dark suit?
Is he sitting still, just answering questions?
Do his interviews run just like every one else’s?

Not a chance.

Watch those videos and you’ll see that he shows up in some goofy outfit or does a musical number or gets in a “fight” with some actor in the crowd…Will Ferrell always has a gimmick. Every single time.

I’m not about to tell you to add “gimmicks” to your worship leading. But I am going to talk about preparation.

You see, whether or not you like Will Ferrell’s late-night antics, you can recognize one thing – he’s prepared. There’s no way to watch him and think, “Oh, that just happened spontaneously.”

No, you know that he showed up with an idea and worked hard to make sure things were ready.

Worship leaders, we need to be better prepared.

Too often, we’re not ready to lead God’s people in praise and that can make for some bad results. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll talk about why and how we should be prepared to lead worship.

What does “being prepared” to lead worship look like where you are?


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