Onething Live: Magnificent Obsession (IHOPKC Live)
This may come as a surprise since I tend to prefer a less “charismatic” recordings, but I have really enjoyed this new live project from the House of Prayer in Kansas City. Musicianship and mix and arrangement are all fantastic, but what’s most surprising is how scriptural these songs are. I don’t know if the IHOP folks made a conscious decision to be more theologically solid, but these songs are that. Only downside is subject matter, since the majority of the songs are all about what’s going on in Heaven. I dig that, but I would have liked more variety in this. Link.

A Thousand Amens (Falls Church Anglican)
This one’s playing pretty much non-stop around here. Lots of churches aim for “blended” worship, but these guys nail it. There’s a solid mix of hymns, original works and a few Sovereign Grace songs. I was pretty impressed with electric guitar work on this and I love how many voices are on this thing…I don’t know if it’s a choir or a just a giant room full of congregants, but this thing sounds huge. And yes, there is a real pipe organ in the house. Link.

Move (Greg L. Hawkins, Cally Parkinson)
Just added this book to the “reads” section, but wanted to include it here. This is a new book from the folks at Willow Creek dedicated to sharing what they’ve learned about discipleship through an extensive survey process. We read this as a staff and I loved it. It’s data-heavy (graphs, numbers, research) but has been very helpful in my worship leading. Glad I read it! Link.

Hazards of Being A Man (Jeffrey E. Miller)
Picked up this new men’s study for an upcoming early men’s group I’m a part of. I just started it, but I love the premise of examining 12 men in the Old Testament and learning from the success and failures. I like Miller’s laid-back approach and I love that it’s so Biblically rooted. Haven’t started the group yet, but I’m excited to see how it goes! Link.

When Mercy Found Me (Rhett Walker Band)
I’m way behind on CCM stuff, but I noticed this song on a CCM chart a few weeks ago. I picked it up and can’t stop listening to it. I don’t often roll CCM into congregational worship, but I think this one could be strong! It would need to be dropped a step or so to be singable, but I think it’s a neat song. (And that lead guitar break is KILLER…) Link.


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