This morning, I’m in my second day of rhythm tracking for the new project. Yesterday was fantastic, and figured I’d share with you how it went!

I came down Tuesday night and stayed with a friend so I wouldn’t have to brave Dallas traffic in the early morning. Showed up to the studio Wednesday morning around 9:45 (a few wrong turns, of course…) and watched quietly as the band setup. There was much talking of pre-amps and compression and gigs and amp heads…all things I know little about, so instead of devoted myself to prayer.

Okay, I didn’t pray. I played on my phone.

But by 11 or so, we were ready to start and Jon, the producer, prayed over our time. It was a great day. We got four songs tracked;

Debt Is Paid
Forever Faithful
God Of Every Moment
Lead Us In The Way Of Jesus

Our goal for these two days is to get drums, bass and rhythm electric for 8 songs. We knocked out four from 11:30 to 6 (with breaks to eat, of course) so Thursday should proceed even more smoothly. Let’s talk about the band..

Dustin plays drums for Charlie Hall and showed up ready for the gig. He had listened to the songs and already had “plans” for them. He was quiet and humble and worked his hardest to serve the song. There was no ego or trying to control the sessions, even though Dustin’s a producer in his own right. Highlight of the day was his ‘muted drum’ parts on Lead Us In The Way.

Jordan did a phenomenal job on electric guitars, working so efficiently that he even had time to overdub some cool secondary tracks. He works a lot in this particular studio and was also a great reference when Jon needed to check on wiring or effects. Highlight of the day was Jordan’s inspired delay part on God Of Every Moment.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like Scott. I mean – the whole thing was pretty astounding. Maybe the quietest musician I’ve ever met. With the most interesting wardrobe. But the bass lines made it worth our while! He added a lot of needed movement in a couple of songs, but my highlight was the chorus of Debt Is Paid.

I came away from the session feeling really “confirmed” on the familiar stuff and inspired by the new. Lead Us In The Way came alive in a way I didn’t really foresee. Might be my favorite of the album. (Tomorrow will tell…)

I did vlog a good bit, trying to capture the process without giving too much away. I want you to be  surprised by some of it, at least. That video should post tomorrow, so be watching for an update from Kickstarter when it goes live.

I think this record is gonna’ be good. Can’t wait for y’all to hear it, since you helped MAKE IT!

You can check out pictures at my Facebook.


One comment

  1. Martin Gallimore

    Really enjoyed reading this article! Its so nice to hear about a studio session in such a positive way – a real breath of fresh air. would love to hear the tracks if they’re ready?

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