Day 2 was even better! Because there’s no “first day” setup, tracks usually get started much quicker. There were a few songs planned for the second two that was nervous about. After ending with such great stuff on Lead Us In The Way Of Jesus, I was a bit worried we might not have as much success with the others. (Pessimistic, I guess…)

I was wrong. Every single song came off great. Here’s what we did:

The Reversal
We Will Remember
Maker Of My Days
You Alone Can Satisfy
We Lift Them Up
When My Voice Is Lost In Death

Both The Reversal and We Will Remember were the perfect amount of “bigness” and we ended up building We Lift Them Up to a nice intensity. This may be premature, but I think When My Voice… gets finished, it’ll have some of the same atmosphere and approach of my tune, The Cross Of Christ. Slow, hymny album closer – with a crowd vocal to end!

And we’re not even done yet! A few of these sounded so good in the studio I wanted to jump up and say, “Throw my vocal on there and let’s be done!” There’s lots more to do, but I think these songs are in a great place.

Good chance that I’m back in Dallas next week for tracking, although we’re not sure yet…acoustics? Keys? Vocals? Electric overdubs? Guess you’ll have to stay tuned to see!



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