Hey gang…the brand new worship podcast is live today. I did a Skype interview with Jamie Brown, worship leader at The Falls Church Anglican Church in Falls Church, Virginia.

Falls Church Anglican have released a new live worship CD that is one of the most unique, blended, “real world” worship albums I’ve ever heard. Jamie spoke for almost an hour and the resulting episode turned out to be really great. I think you’ll enjoy it!

A few things to make note of as you listen:

Jamie talks quite candidly about the five-year battle his church has endured and how that struggle led to the making of this new project. But in all of that, he never disrespects the Anglican church or speaks in bitterness.

Listening back, I’ve realized just how much this guy cares about the people he’s leading. When we talk about choosing songs, you’ll find that he’s careful to make sure he’s picking songs that are doctrinally sound and corporately engaging.

My favorite part of the conversation is toward the end when Jamie speaks about the “new worship conference” we should be having. In this episode, you’ll find him to be a guy who cares deeply about the local church and who works hard to avoid the “Christian music celebrity” of the worship music industry that surrounds us.

It’s a good interview, gang. You can subscribe over at iTunes for find the episode in the “podcast” section at the top of the site. While you’re at it, go rate us or comment at the iTunes podcast page!


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