A few years ago, I grew concerned about my reading habits.

Or rather, the lack thereof.

So I embarked on a search – what books were good for worship leading? Should I read practical books? Biographies? Theology? Let me tell you that I was shocked how few well known worship resources provided suggested reading lists. There were charts and free mp3s and videos and subscription plans and t-shirts, but some of the biggest worship sites I could find were noticeably silent when it came to what sort of books we should be reading.

Thankfully, I found some good resources and immediately started adding books to the library. And I’m glad I did. If you’re not a reader, I encourage you to start…I promise it will help:

One of the great rewards in reading is realizing that there are genius men and women who have encountered similar challenges and have faced them wisdom and grace. Imagine the joy of discovering that your biggest trial has been dealt with before – by people smarter than you!

It gets better. Many times, reading this stuff will arm you future challenges and opportunities. This equips you with a vocabulary, a context, and approach trials and joys when they come your way. And you’ll be surprised how many things you read and think, “Wait! That’s what my church is going through and I didn’t even know it!”

This last one is a bit more philosophical, but I honestly believe that the simple investment of reading books on worship and serving in ministry have an overall effect on your life and ministry. Apart from the subject matter, I believe that just the act of reading good books charges your mind and gives you a healthy perspective on where you serve and God’s calling on your life.

You might have noticed the READS button at the top of the page. This is where I post brief descriptions of the books I’ve read in the hope that it might be a good recommendation for our readers!

Comments: What’s the best book on worship and/or ministry you’ve read recently?


One comment

  1. johnnydrummer

    The best book on worship I’ve read is not yet published, though I’ve read and shared excerpts before. It’s Calling on the Name of the Lord by my Bishop, Royal Grote. I also suggest Evangelical is not Enough by Thomas Howard.

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