Earlier this year on the podcast, we interviewed Chris Vacher. Chris is a worship leader who works tirelessly to support and encourage worship leaders within the local church and I love the way approaches ministry and family.

This summer, Chris took a church-sponsored three month sabbatical from ministry. We interviewed Chris just as he was about to embark on this journey a few months ago, but with one condition: that he’d come back when it was over and tell us what he learned.

This week’s episode is great. Chris came back refreshed and renewed in his passion to lead his congregation and there’s tons of useful info in this episode for folks like you and me. As you listen, consider a few questions. I’d love to know what you think…

  • How valuable is sabbatical? Should more churches adopted a long-term plan for providing rest for their ministers?
  • What would most people think if you were going to take three months off? What sort of pre-conceived ideas does a long term sabbatical challenge or threaten?
  • Could you take three months off? How hard is it to disconnect?

Go check out the episode RIGHT NOW!


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