When stuff goes wrong on stage, there’s one person the worship leader worries about – the guy or girl running the projected slides. We immediately start staring intently at the back of the room, hoping that not only will our slide person see us, but also immediately recognize exactly what our face means.

Because that’s an impossible thing to ask, I’ve compiled this handy list of facial cues that will help struggling projectionists know what’s going on. Feel free to pass along to any who might need a refresher.

NODDING – this means “go to the next thing.” It’s simple, really. And if I’m nodding constantly, that means “no, for real, go to the next thing, like, right NOW.”

SHAKING THE HEAD – this means “I’m changing this.” In other words, whatever is next on the list to be projected, DO NOT do that yet. Just wait. What is up with these hair-trigger projection techs?

WIDENED EYES – This is probably the most difficult one as it’s hard to see the worship leaders eyes from the back of the room, but it most often means “What-is-wrong-back-there-I-am-freaking-out-because-stuff-is-weird-on-the-screens.”

That all seems easy enough, right?


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