Recently saw a hashtag from worship leader Laurien Hook and had to join in. #WorshipLeaderConfessions

-We see you. From the guy glaring at us with folded arms to the woman worshipping like a crazy person to the people who try to sneak in during the prayer because they’re late…we see it all.

-We get nervous. Every single time.

-We’re up there doing our best to worship God, but we’re constantly processing what the band is doing. You know…in case it all falls apart.

-Something goes wrong in every set. It may be slight, but at least one thing goes wrong every time.

-Sometimes, we don’t feel like worshipping. But we get up and do it anyway. Obedience is the secret sauce of worship.

-We hardly get any “hate” face-to-face. Most Sundays we leave the church without hearing anything from anybody – good or bad.

-Leading worship is more physically exhausting than most people think.

-We know we can’t please everybody. And we hate that.

Hit the comments below and share some of yours. While you’re at it, tweet @laurienhook and give her some props for a great idea!



  1. Chris Fluitt

    I look like I’m in deep focused contemplative thought… It may be that I’m receiving revelation from God’s Spirit… but it could also be that I’m trying to stare down the sound guy so that he will somehow know that something is wrong with my in-ears…

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