In Frisco for a couple of days attended the Doxology and Theology conference sponsored by Figured it would be fun – and helpful – to document the sessions, speakers, etc!

I got to the church early to register and then spent some time on one of their very comfy couches waiting for the event to start.

SESSION ONE opened with Stephen Miller and band leading worship. Miller has a new hymn project and the set reflected that being hymn driven.

Doxology/Praise To The Lord, The Almighty
How Great Thou Art
Holy, Holy, Holy
How Deep The Fathers Love

There’s nothing quite like a room full of worship leaders singing their heads off – definitely a crowd that is “in.” The hymns were sonically modernized but still kept their lyrical layout. I’m guessing that these versions are a part of Miller’s new hymn project, but I’ve yet to check.

Matt Boswell spoke from Psalm 96 on doxology, theology and the local church. He opened with a corporate reading from Psalm 96 and provided these definitions from which he would speak.

Doxology – spoken praise of God
Theology – study of God

Matt made this concept clear – theology finds its full course when doxology is its end.

5 truths from Psalm 96
1. The worship of the church is theocentric. (vs. 1-3)
The church sings the song of salvation.
They hymns may change, but the song is solidified.
All the earth is called to this song.
The worship of the church tells more of what God has done for us than we will do for God.

2. The worship of the church is built on scripture. The Word of God calls us to worship.

3. The worship of the church is Gospel-wrought. (vs. 3)
Worship leaders are to remember and remind the Gospel. (“It’s our duty to daily remember the Gospel.” – Mahaney)
We have the privilege of telling the salvation of God day-by-day.

4. The worship of the church is congregational.
Psalm 96 was for Asaph and his sons. It was congregational.
More “we” than “me.”
Place scripture in the blank places.
Our time is so short, we don’t have time to sing pop songs over one another.

5. The worship of the church is missional. (vs. 10-13)
Worship shouldn’t be private, but should lead to missionary witness.

*Came away with a fantastic practical tip from Boswell. At his church, he has scripture projected during the musical interludes where there’s no singing. I’ve done this from time to time for special songs, but thought it was a really cool idea. I recently started making notes on my charts referencing each scripture the song uses or is based on. Figured this projection idea was a cool way to communicate that there is a reason for the stuff we sing.

Check out the recap of Breakout Session #1.



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