After the dinner break, we came back for Session #2 which featured Aaron Ivey and band and teaching by Mark Dever.

I’m familiar with Aaron’s music since we do a few of his songs at Bethel, but I was honestly amazed at the worship set he and the band led. I don’t know how they created such a loose, rock n’ roll groove while playing such precise stuff, but it worked big time. Here’s what they played:

I Stand Amazed
Love Shines
Forever Reign
10000 Reasons
The King Of Love My Shepherd Is

I had heard Love Shines on Aaron’s records but after hearing it in person, I’m convinced it may be one of the most congregationally satisfying songs I’ve heard in a long, long, long time. It was great. Also loved hearing how his guitarists built synth-like tones to run underneath the praying, teaching elements of the set.

I was excited to hear Mark Dever. He’s a respected guy in the church circle I run in, so I was interested to see if he lived up to the hype. He did.

Dever spoke from Jude, vs. 1-2 and shared two concepts – who worshippers are and what they need. He had already heard a good bit of teaching on the concept that worship is a response to God’s revelation, but toward the end, he got very practical with the “what they need” question, answering it in very realistic, local church concepts. He an intimidating guy who chooses his words carefully. It was interesting to hear a very simple message spoken with such a commanding tone.

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