hodv5asfg4obegs3j6nlThis is Johnny Buckland. He is the oft-ridiculed guitarist for the globally successful pop band, Coldplay. (Which globally successful band isn’t made fun of, though…)

I’ve heard guitarist ridicule this guy for years, but after listening to quite a bit of their music and seeing them live, I firmly believe that Johnny possesses traits that most worship leaders only can dream of in a guitarists.

WHY HE’S RIDICULED: “His parts are way too simple. Anybody could play that.”
WHY THAT’S ACTUALLY AWESOME: Because worship guitarists play stuff that’s annoying and complex. This ain’t your time to shine, dude. Serve the song, get out of the way. And apparently, nobody can play that because THEY NEVER DO.

WHY HE’S RIDICULED: “His tone never changes.”
WHY THAT’S ACTUALLY AWESOME: Because congregations don’t know anything about tone. You need to sound good, but unless you’re playing five different genres in one set, do you really need that many stompboxes? And trust me, they can’t tell a difference out there in the crowd.

WHY HE’S RIDICULED: “He looks bored up there.”
WHY THAT’S ACTUALLY AWESOME: Because he knows it isn’t about him. He knows where he makes the music better and that isn’t running down the catwalk to showcase his new guitar.

WHY HE’S RIDICULED: “He doesn’t solo.”
WHY THAT’S ACTUALLY AWESOME: Because he doesn’t solo.

WHY HE’S RIDICULED: “He copies the piano parts.”
WHY THAT’S ACTUALLY AWESOME: Because do you know how amazing that would be if the guitarist as church could easily adapt to piano melodies and respond musically?

Your turn…any pop musicians who would make great additions to your worship team?



  1. johnnydrummer

    Worship guitarists play parts that are too complex? Since when?!?

    Who ridicules this guy? All I ever hear are guys trying to play like him, or the Edge (whose band his copies).

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