740600_4419651804042_758278015_oAs some of you may know, I’m finishing up a new album of worship songs. I haven’t done any studio recording in a long time and while it’s been a lengthy process, I’ve enjoyed it. I can’t wait for folks to hear the new project.

One of the most important aspects of making a record is “mixes.” This is where the producer/engineer provides you with his or her mixed versions of the songs. As the artist, it’s your job to then listen to the mixes and make whatever changes you feel are necessary. (This is the way independent artists do it. I have no clue how the pros handle mixdown.)

My producer and I are now on the third round of mixes (pesky vocals) and I think we’re getting close. However, that first time listening through mixes creates a very unique progression of thoughts…

This is amazing! Every single song is awesome!

Hm. Something must have been wrong with the microphone on that one part. My voice usually sounds better than that.

Does that lyric work? Yeah, I think it works. Right?

You know, like, seven of these songs are awesome.

People will know what I mean on that line. It’s a little murky, but I think it’ll be fine.

I don’t think I’m gonna’ be able to play some of these live.

Where’s my guitar in the mix?

Five good songs. That’s a strong number for a full-length project.

Should have re-tracked that vocal.

This felt better when we recorded it.

Two songs! Only two songs are any good.

This is the worst album ever recorded.

Have you ever recorded? What was the worst part?


One comment

  1. Kelly Perkins

    The worst part for me is knowing when to stop adding tracks to the song; keeping the song real but yet creative and imaginative. It is very easy to get carried away with the recording process, especially nowadays when you can layer and layer and layer to your heart’s conten.

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