291855_w185Over the past couple of years, I’ve made an effort to be more of a reader. I’ve tried to seek out books that speak to the ministry of worship and have realized that there’s some real benefit to having a steady diet of different perspectives when it comes to this ministry.

I keep a list of brief reviews at the READS page, but figured I’d use Thursdays as sort of a progress report of the books I’m reading.


I was familiar with Robert Webber from his work with Worship Leader magazine back in the day. I never was drawn to his ancient-future theory, but Common Roots looked like a good read. So far, it’s great. The foreword alone by David Neff is worth the price of the book. Currently, Webber has just finished breaking down the term “evangelical” before moving to the need for the church to return to historic Christianity. The evangelical section blew my mind a bit – lengthy quotes, charts and at least two words I’d never heard before. Webber can be a bit hippy-dippy, but so far, his perspective on the evangelical exit from the historic church in the 1970s is sounding very familiar. I think I’ll dig the book. (To page 69, so far.)


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