Another great day of worship at Bethel Bible Church.

Had a new percussionist from our youth program. David is a college student and plays drums in our Wednesday night youth service. I’ve heard him play a couple of times and figured he’d be a great addition on auxiliary percussion. He was nervous, but he did a great job.

Also had a new player, Brad, on electric guitar and banjo. Yep…banjo.

Call To Worship
This week’s “collect” was a perfect opening to our first song: Almighty and everlasting God, mercifully look upon our infirmities, and in all our dangers and necessities stretch forth thy right hand to help and defend us; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

O HELP MY UNBELIEF (Indelible Grace)
We haven’t done this IG song in awhile, so I was glad to bring it back. We’d never done it with banjo and I was pumped to have Brad play the banjo parts. Our bass player, Shawn, also played this one aggressively, which add some “funk” to the overall groove. I like electric guitar, but with that much jamming, we didn’t even need one! Plus, there’s just something way too cool in singing to God to “drive the old dragon from his seat!” (link)

Had another announcement this week. That’s weeks two in a row! But was glad to invite people to check out missions projects for the upcoming year.

Definitely a favorite for us. Having a different electric player meant that some of the riffs we’re used to weren’t there, but the song was still strong. Our pianist ended up covering one of electric guitar parts which divided the rhythm up nicely. This really is a great song. Wish more churches were singing it. (link)

Ross got up and welcomed folks with scripture and prayer.

Second time to do this version. During the early run through and first service, the rhythm felt really weird when I started singing first verses. This was strange, since we play to a click. The song ended up working out. I like this arrangement and I love the part our piano and keys players came up with. One problem, though. When I got off stage, my drummer told me why it had felt so weird…the piano riff before the verse was being played in 4/4, even though we were doing a 3/4 song. So when the verse kicked in, I was shifting the rhythm back to 3/4 without realizing it. Sometimes stuff works out, I guess. (link)

ONLY BY GRACE (Kathryn Scott)
I love any Sunday when my wife sings with me, but I especially love it when she sings this song. Church sings out this chorus and it’s always a blast to play it. The energy felt a bit weird on Sunday. It’s hard song to manage due to some pretty sudden dynamic shifts in the tune. Came off great, though. (link)

BE THOU MY VISION (Village Church)
This is another one we used banjo on.I’ll be honest – up until this week, I had never led this song. And truth be told, I’ve never liked it all that much. However, I think the Village’s version is very nicely done. I tend to like longer interlude breaks, but we kept it like their version until the end. At Thursday’s rehearsal, the drummer suggested maybe the band fall back in toward the end. I loved the idea and had the band work out something to play so I could rest my hand and NOT play. I’m trying to look for lots more opportunities to play less. (link)

*This week, I’ve gotten a whole new batch of compliments on our scripture-in-between system. For real, y’all. Your people will love this.



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