Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 12.17.05 AMHey worship leaders! Below you’ll find a list of songs that have received the Todd Wright seal of approval for congregational worship!
I’ve included Spotify links for previewing when available. (I didn’t provide purchase links because you’re all smart people who can figure out how to buy music, right? Plus, I ain’t giving iTunes any love if I don’t have to…)
The songs below are tunes I regularly use in my home church. When songs are newer and not as “tested”, I’ll notate for your convenience. And feel free to comment with a song (or songs) that are working in your church. I’d love to check them out!

RUIN ME – Jeff Johnson (preview)
Do not let the lyrics scare you away. Your people will sing this one loudly. Song does best with a drummer and bass player who can groove together without rushing the tempo. And go ahead and let the band go nuts on those stops in the bridge. Pretty inspired crashes there. This one is is so honest and real and still glorifies God throughout. Let’s see – you get to rock, sing some humbling lyrics and end with a giant “holy, holy, holy.” Why wouldn’t you do this song???

LORD ALMIGHTY – Kristian Stanfill (preview)
I think the entire Mountains Move record is outstanding but this song in particular has been great for our church. A couple of things stand out – the nice space in the verse lines create some nice room for instruments to fill up tastefully and the chorus is fun to sing. Guitar players will dig the octave part in the bridge. The slower tempo can make this one feel a bit too long so sometimes I’ll shorten the ending a bit.

BEFORE THE THRONE OF GOD – Sojourn (preview)
You’d think I’d be all about the SovGrace song but it was actually Sojourn’s version that caught my ear. We don’t do the adlib vocal at the end – because songs for singing, you know? But I dig the piano drive on this song and cool march on the drums. Also think the melody is instantly compelling. Perfect as a Communion song, but great for any time you celebrate the Gospel!

Now…what songs are working in YOUR place?


  1. Adam

    Rising Son-all sons and daughters
    -great response the few times we have played it.

    Shadows-dcb- a Vista favorite

    All the poor and powerless- all sons and daughters

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