Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 12.17.05 AMFor this week’s recommendations, I’m sharing three high energy songs. “Fast” isn’t the best term because tempo preferences vary from place to place, but for this post, I’ll assume we all know what sort of song we’re talking about.
Picking high energy songs is tough. In my experience, it’s always seemed as if upbeat songs were lyrically weaker than their slower companions. The songs below are a good blend – fast/high energy with solid Biblical, God-honoring lyrics.
The songs below are tunes I regularly use in my home church. When songs are newer and not as “tested”, I’ll notate for your convenience. And feel free to comment with a song (or songs) that are working in your church. I’d love to check them out!

I AM NOT THE SAME (preview)
I loved this song from the second I heard it, but figured it was way too trendy for my little band. Later, Aaron released a “living room” album that featured the very same song. Even though I wanted to do something a bit bigger, Aaron’s living room version inspired me to work toward finding a version of the song somewhere in-between the studio and live versions. We adapted the song a good bit, but worked to keep the same groove. I suggest losing the synth hook and let the electric rhythm guitar drive the tune. It’s got tons of energy and is great for those big, loud celebration moments in a set.

FAIREST (preview)
If you read our “what we did” posts on the site, you’ve seen this one pop up quite a bit. I love hymns and think this one is such a great arrangement. If you got an able piano player, let them have some fun filling up the spaces in the verses. I don’t do the vocal ad-libs so that I can be singing what the rest of the congregation is singing…don’t miss those moments. You’re all supposed to be singing together!

You know a SovGrace song would be in there! I think Sovereign Grace records have some of the best “rock” moments in worship music. If you’re not doing any songs by these guys, add this one immediately. The guitar riff is excellent, but in a live setting, we often let the piano carry that hook to free up our electric for power and texture. Your band will love the stops in the bridge.


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