songwriterLast week was a rare thing. What seemed like a normal work-week turned into five days of stellar, inspirational songwriting.

But not my songwriting.

Over the course of 5 days, I had the privilege of hearing four original songs that blew me away. But these weren’t songs on the radio; all of them were written by friends of mine.

They were varied in style and theme. Some of them were complete songs and others were just basic ideas that are in for much more toil and struggle. But I ended the week feeling really grateful – and humbled – by all the variety that songwriting brings into the world.

So often, I think songwriting is a science. It is a science, but it’s not only a science. Songs can be brilliantly written and never touch one single person. Songs need heart. And this week I saw four songs full of just that.

My thanks to Caroline, Toby, Matt and Luke for sharing their songs with me. I learned a lot from y’all last week. I hope I can write with same passion as you all.

Are you a songwriter? What’s harder to do – the science or the spirit?


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