819255_4651895930000_275646583_oCall To Worship
“Lord, we beseech thee to keep thy Church and household continually in thy true religion; that they who do lean only upon the hope of thy heavenly grace may evermore be defended by thy mighty power; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

Initially, I reworded this. Something about keeping the church in “true religion” felt weird to me. I loved the prose of it but wondered if the theme of this could be clearer. In the end, I kept it as is. Part of the beauty of these things is reading stuff Christians have read for a long, long time. It’s okay if it sounds old. It is old.

This Sunday was one of our country/blues sets. (Which I love by the way.) We hadn’t done this Don Poythress tune in a long time, but I gotta’ tell you, it was like riding a bike! Had guitarist do swells under the call to worship and prayer. Percussion and I started the tune for a couple of chords before bass and drums came in. The band felt right into the groove on this one…like riding a bike! We extended the lead break and let the B3 and electric both share the instrumental section. Lead break before a drop chorus may be predictable, but dang it was fun in this song!

Used the transition to lighten the mood a bit for the next song. In both services, I asked the crowd to be sure and smile at the band because we get nervous. It broke some of that natural tension that’s always in a room when people play music. They smiled – and sang right along.

Our favorite tune from Bart Millard’s Hymned series. Naturally, the band does a great job on this groove! We had to do an instrumental break on this one, too. It’s too dang soulful. I don’t do the alternate melody or weird phrasing on this one. It fun to listen to, but I’m trying to get people to sing along! Always hard when the singer is up there showing out.

Senior Pastor opened with a great challenge about being stewards of God’s grace and then pitched to one of our Family Ministry videos. It was pretty smooth. He went long in the first service, but adapted it the second go ’round.

Thinking this one may have to be retired for a bit. We’ve played it a lot and it still has legs, but think our congregation could go without it for a bit. It’s a bit of high mark for us – when we first learned it, it was really fast for some of our players. But over the months, they’ve got comfortable with it and manage to pull it off consistently.

Had our vocalist pray before the next tune. Since she was singing lead, I thought it would be a nice connection for her and the congregation. I’m gearing up for much more worship leader training this year and want to be faithful in giving my people these opportunities to lead.

I’M SINGING (link)

Another old one for us, but still a favorite. We groove it a bit more than the Kari Jobe version. (Don’t tell anyone.) Our singer did so good on this one. In the run through, her voice wouldn’t cooperate and I know she was nervous about doing it. But God was faithful and she sang it strong. Because we groove this one, it can’t get a bit rock n’ roll, but Sunday’s version felt pretty smooth. Had our keys guy find a nice Rhodes patch and he nailed it.

I talked very briefly about “revelation and response” and referenced the bridge of the next tune. Reminded people that the very breath we use to praise God is the breath given by God. Worship really is from Him.

Bringing back this Boswell/Papa tune. Because it’s only our second time, I expected the crowd to be lackluster. NOT SO. They sang loud on this one! It’s a great melody and arrangement and builds so beautifully. After church, our drummer whispered to me, “We do that better than the CD!” Anytime a player feels that proud to serve and confident of what we’ve done, I’m happy.



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